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Frequently asked questions about Via West Group Rentals

What size Groups can you accommodate?

We can sleep 250 but can host more for day activities. Our dining room feeds 275+ a sitting and we have an expansive, lighted outdoor picnic area right outside.

Our minimum is at least 30 guests but certain dates & times of year this could be higher.

What happens if it rains?

Our dining room can easily host over 300 in multiple rooms. We also have our creative arts building, center for the performing arts, and indoor gym. In addition we are only 7 miles to Cupertino.

Where is the nearest medical facility?

The nearest hospital in Cupertino is 6 miles away.
The nearest Urgent care is 4 miles away.
The local emergency services station is only 1 mile away.

Can we provide lifeguards for pool? When is the pool open?

The pool is open May through September. Arrangements can be made for lifeguards in advance.

What time of the year are you open?

All Year. Please see below for our current availability.


September 7-9 - OPEN

September 15 - OPEN

September 17 - OPEN

October 26-28 - OPEN

November 2-4 - OPEN

November 19-21 - OPEN

December 17-23 - OPEN


January 11-13 - OPEN

February 8-10 - OPEN

April 19-21 - OPEN

May 10-12 - OPEN

May 20-21 - OPEN

August 23-25 - OPEN

August 30-September 2 - OPEN

September 6-8 - OPEN

October 25-27 - OPEN

November 25-27 - OPEN

December 16-22 - OPEN