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Early Intake Assessments

Early Intake Assessments include a review of a child’s motor, communication, self-help adaptive, social-emotional, and cognitive development through a standardized assessment to determine if a child is eligible for Early Start services.

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What is an early intake assessment?

  • Developmental assessment for children ages 0 to 36 months
  • Assess for 5 areas of development: adaptive, social/emotional, gross/fine motor, receptive/expressive communication, cognitive

Why would my child need an early intake assessment?

  • If you, a family member, and/or your pediatrician have a concern
  • Your child is not meeting his/her developmental milestones
  • You have a family history of developmental delays
  • Your child was born prematurely and/or has health concerns

Where and when do the assessments take place?

  • Via Services main office or in the family home
  • Assessments typically take place 2-3 weeks after a referral is made

How do I enroll my child?

  • Call the Early Start Hotline 1-800-404-5900 to make a referral and begin the assessment process