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Letters and Quotes“My expectations for my son were to experience a ‘typical’

My expectations for my son were to experience a ‘typical’ summer camp and to learn new skills (specifically social and emotional). My expectations
were not only met but exceeded!”

MH., Lafayette

“The peace of mind that goes with knowing that camp is a safe
place where the staff really know the issues—and a fantastic opportunity for campers
to grow in ways that they could never achieve in any other way.”

CJ., San Jose

“The greatest benefits for my child were: Self-reliance, the
ability to tolerate change and relocation away from familiar surroundings, people,
technology, and routines.”

DW., Redwood City

“I thought the staff was awesome from the initial intake to the
‘good bye ceremony’. There was a unique passion in the staff and I felt they were
happy to be there. They seemed to be just the right mix of professionalism and
approachability. Top notch!!!”

EA., South San Francisco

“My son became much more confident and his expressive language increased
with others.”

SH., San Jose

“The greatest benefit to my son from attending Camp Altitude was
the independence and a chance to shine without parental interference or help.
This was the first time that I let my son be on his own (he’s 15). So it was a
big step for me to let go, and let him learn that he is capable.”

JK, Sebastopol CA

“I enjoy knowing that my son is learning independence and
practicing his social skills, making new friends, and doing things outdoors.
It’s nice to give him a classic camp experience without me having to worry
about counselors and staff that don’t understand kids like him.”

LP, Los Gatos CA

“The greatest benefit to me as a camp parent from Camp Altitude
was knowing that she was safe, in good hands and with others that would not
judge her.”

AA, Foster City, CA

“It was the most amazing experience of his life, and mine; to
watch him have such an amazing experience and to thrive. It brought him to
another level.”

PZ, Las Vegas, Nevada

“The staff is great, professional and very friendly. I felt very
comfortable and it was nice that the staff really seem to know my son and give
me some great feedback of their experience with him.”

SM, Northridge, CA