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Featured Foundation: The Sobrato Family Foundation

For nearly twenty years, the Sobrato Family Foundation has invested exclusively in non-profits serving those most in need in Santa Clara, San Mateo and Southern Alameda Counties. Via Services is proud to have been one of those non-profit partners for many years and most recently received a two-year $71,750 Challenge Grant. Via’s mission of helping children, teens and adults with developmental, intellectual and physical disabilities achieve greater self-sufficiency and lead richer lives dovetails perfectly with the foundation’s community impact platform focus on providing flexible general operating support for Silicon Valley-based nonprofits that promote self-reliance and economic independence while positively contributing to the quality of life for those in our region facing deep challenges. With the generous $35,000 in funding from year 1, Via leaders and staff are already making great progress toward the first year of grant outcomes:

  • Impact Goal: to provide behavioral interventions that allow the most challenged participants attending Via West Campus day programs to improve participation in group activities and advance to overnight stays
  • Capacity Goal: to select and begin implementing a new program while continuing growth in current programs
  • Fundraising Challenge Goal: to meet a 2:1 challenge fundraising goal

Impact Goal: Via West Campus, Via’s American Camp Association-accredited special needs camp in Cupertino, is the only program of its kind in Northern California accepting unlimited numbers of 1:1 participants for year-round programs that include school year weekend respites and longer summer sessions. These individuals require 1:1 care from a seasoned counselor because of deep challenges around attention span, behavior, cognition, executive functioning and/or medical issues. During any given session, 75% or more of participants may require this staffing ratio. Many attend a single day camp only, coming after breakfast and leaving at the end of the evening dance. Our impact goal is to provide behavioral interventions that help these individuals participate in group activities and advance to overnight stays as a result of those behavioral improvements. We have hired a behavioral interventionist who has been developing individualized behavioral intervention plans, coaching hands-on staff in their use, and tracking improvements with great success!

Capacity Goal: Via’s capacity goal is to advance our strategic plan with 100% Board involvement by investigating three options for new programs: special needs preschool, afterschool program and a combination residential/non-public school/adult day program. The Board is in the final stages of choosing one of those programs with input from Via’s publics and will be developing and implementing a business plan and beginning the implementation of that program by June 2018. At the same time, we will keep our commitment to the individuals and families included in our current programs by growing capacity in those programs by 5-7%.

Fundraising Challenge Goal: In order to receive $36,750 in year two funding, we will raise $35,000 from private, first-time, lapsed, or current donors who are increasing their gifts during year 1.