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Welcome AJ and Kathryn!

Via West is ever-evolving and with that, so is our wonderful staff whose dedication and adaptability truly make them number one. We are pleased to announce our new Associate Director of Programs and Grants, AJ Duprey, as well as our new Client Services Manager, Kathryn Gilbreth. These two will help to further solidify our stellar Via West management team. Learn more about them here.

Via West makes the Cupertino Courier!

Rotary gives thanks to OSH

The Cupertino Rotary Club wants to give a “shout out” to Orchard Supply Hardware at the corner of Homestead Road and Hollenbeck Avenue in Sunnyvale. Recently, we had a project to build garden boxes for Via West, a facility caring for special needs youths and adults.

The staff at OSH recognizezd one of our members, Tom Dryer, who leads a lot of our onsite work programs. In talking to him about this project they said they would like to help.

And help they did! Four members from the OSH staff came out and worked for four hours or more each. They not only worked, but being younger, they did the heavier jobs and the tight-space work. We really appreciated their cheerful help and expertise.

What a great neighbor we have in OSH. Thanks, OSH.

Wendell Stephens Rotary
president 2015-16

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