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​Welcome to the Via Services e-newsletter, The Via Vanguard. We specifically chose this name because Via is always at the forefront of new ideas. We pride ourselves on always searching for new and innovative ways to fulfill our mission of helping individuals with special needs achieve greater self-sufficiency and lead richer lives. We are excited to expand our communications throughout the year to keep you connected as a part of the Via family. We will update you on current and future programs and events, get to know featured Via staff, and we will answer your pressing questions with our Ask Via feature. Below, you will find an archive of all previously published newsletters. Make sure to click the button to subscribe to our newsletters!

Issue 1 - November 2017

Issue 2 - February 2018

Issues 3 - May 2018

Issue 4 - August 2018

Issue 5 - November 2018

Issue 6 - February 2019

Issue 7 - April 2019

Issue 8 - August 2019

Issue 9 - November 2019

Issue 10 - February 2020

Issue 11 - April 2020

Issue 12 - July 2020

Issue 13 - February 2021