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Mission City

Featured Foundation: Mission City Community Fund

With a mission to enrich quality of life to community members, Mission City Community Fund fits naturally with Via’s mission to help individuals with disabilities achieve greater self-sufficiency and lead richer lives. Over the years, this all-volunteer fund has been a generous benefactor to the children, teens and adults with developmental, physical and intellectual disabilities who attend Via West Campus. The 2015 grant from the fund purchased smaller-sized equipment for the Lettermen Gym to allow children, teens and short-statured adults to master fitness skills. In 2016, fund support for “Dance Like No One is Watching” provided barres, a large screen television and an amazing sound system for the newly-renovated Performing Arts Building. And in 2017, low-income students from local special day classes attended Special Needs Science Camps at Via West to learn about the world around them.

The fund’s most recent donation will be used to purchase and install a durable basketball/hoop on the sports court at Via West, and underwrites program instructor salaries for adapted lessons in basketball and other sports. The new hoop facilitates half court practice and games, allowing participants with limited attention span, mobility issues and other challenges to play alongside their peers. The goal is to provide them with the skills, basic understanding of game rules, and passion to participate in community-based sports including Special Olympics and school teams.

Via West Director Irshad Fardan had the privilege of attending the Mission City Community Fund’s Reception in June as one of the honorees. He had the opportunity to mingle with Board members, share stories about the impact of grant funding, and express appreciation for all the fund has done for the wonderful children, teens and adults with developmental, physical and intellectual disabilities who attend school year respite weekends and longer summer camps at Via West.