Many Ways to Make a Difference

If you live, work, or spend time with someone who has special needs, you understand the value and impact an organization like Via Services has in the special needs community. We’re very fortunate to have the support of people who donate their time and resources to help us affect the lives of so many, in ways that truly do transform disabilities into capabilities.

Your generosity will help us provide the services, programs and tools that improve self-sufficiency and help children and adults with disabilities lead richer lives. With your support, Via Services can continue to help:

  • Young children be ready to start school without falling behind or not fitting in.
  • A child with cerebral palsy communicate, walk and learn.
  • A teen with Down Syndrome become a volunteer for the blind.
  • Energize, educated and equip the exhausted mother of 6-year-old with autism to connect with her boy for the first time.
  • Be the lifeline to families with special needs in Santa Clara County.

Learn the many different ways you can help us change lives on these pages.

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