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College Majors


College Majors

From Recreational Therapy to Behavioral Therapy, Via West will help you gain hands on experience working with the special needs population. Other college majors that can benefit from a job at Via West:


Whether you are studying clinical, developmental, school, social, or counseling psychology, being a camp counselor can give you a hands on experience in the special needs field. Skills you can learn applicable to a career in psychology include patience, problem-solving, interpersonal skills, observational skills, and critical-thinking skills.

Recreational Therapy

Students studying recreational therapy can benefit at a job at Via West by learning leadership, public speaking, and organizational skills. Being a program staff can give you a firsthand look into the career of recreational therapy

Special Education

Get a firsthand experience working with the special needs population by joining the Via West team. Whether you are counselor or program staff, you will learn different life skills such as patience, attention to detail, adaptability, and much more.


If you are studying nursing, Via West has a spot for you. Join the nursing team by first undergoing a nursing internship, where you will learn our camper-first model of care, and have the opportunity to work with side-by-side with RNs as they manage urgent and emergent situations, including seizures and status epilepticus, anaphylaxis, asthma exacerbations, lacerations and soft tissue injuries, and acute illness. You will gain hands-on skills with equipment, medications and treatments, and work with children, adolescents and adults. Many of our nurse interns have gone on to enjoy satisfying careers at El Camino Hospital, Stanford Hospital and Clinics, UCSF and Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.


Experience working in a fast past culinary environment. Join the kitchen team and learn how to feed large groups of 80+ people, how to prepare different meals, and essential culinary skills.

Trade School

If you are thinking about becoming an electrician, carpenter, landscaper, or other trade, the Via West facilities team will immerse you in a number of different trade work.